I offer in-person (Orlando area) and distant healing sessions for people and pets.  Sessions may include a combination of Pranic Healing (Advanced, Psychotherapy, Cellular), Crystal Healing, Breathwork Meditation, Shamanic Healing (including Soul Retrieval), distant Qigong and intuitive guidance.

Use the contact me link on the main page or email me at DivineWellness8@gmail.com to schedule your private healing session.  Distant sessions may be paid for using the button to your right.

Pranic Healing has won many awards and continues to produce research-based results as to the effectiveness of this no-touch, natural healing modality as well as the effectiveness of Meditation on Twin Hearts and SuperBrain Yoga.  You can view some of the latest research and awards here:  http://www.pranichealingresearch.com/blog-news/


Private Healing Session