Comments and feedback from participants

I have been working with a variety of meditation techniques over the years and this was bar far the best experience I have ever had. The combination of the breath work and crystals helped to bring old issues to the surface. In addition to this, Melissa’s ability to work with chakras helped to release these issues. She truly is a gifted healer. I highly recommend this class for anyone looking for spiritual release and growth.
— Melissa M.
I very much enjoyed by time at my session. Melissa was so happy and joyful and I was immediately at ease. It was my first meditation class and I was very impressed with how refreshed I felt afterwards. I also participated in the crystal healing and I was very surprised by Melissa’s assessment of me. She was spot on with the issues I have been having. I will definitely attend again.
— Judy
The guided meditation together with Melissa’s expert energy work was unbelievable! It cannot be explained; rather, it has to be experienced. Recommended highly!
— Carol B.
Fantastic meditation in a beautiful and relaxing space with wonderful people. Thank you Melissa and everyone who participated. Namaste.
— Carole
Thanks again Melissa! I feel Breathwork is a very powerful tool and is making a difference in my life. Many should experience it for themselves.
— Steve
I had a very rewarding experience. I felt a strong positive energy force enter my body and negative energy leave. I feel lighter and emotionally and physically charged. Thank you Melissa for a life changing experience!
— Melonie H.
My husband and I really enjoyed this. We will definitely be back!
— Steffini
Felt so relaxed afterwards , Just what I needed. Thank you Melissa!!
— Pat
Absolutely love it. Great healing happening.
— Dee